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WOW! What have you been giving him? And can you send some my way!


Mr. JuJu is now Mr. Jugs.


I think probably Baby Jugs is cute too, almost as funny as Little Jugs??? Kind of a contradiction in terms??? Just an observation...
I love that you have so many bullets, now you know how we feel about our kids :-)

The Greatest Aunt

Mother, Juju and speed


I don't get it...


LOL sis, good one. Explain it to Jugabee :-)


Too cute...my oldest son made a butt comment yesterday too...not quite as nice as yours...

"It's DEFINITELY bigger than mine...but I've seen bigger!"

Yeah, thanks doll.

Mellie Helen

I dig the new digs! But, I thought you were going to WP?

Look HOW CUTE Baby JuJu is! Smiling!! She's even cute when she's attempting to wolf down her fist! And Little JuJu, I could just smother him with hugs and kisses, he can be such a sweetie pie. It is important to remind ourselves of the good stuff. It helps to strengthen the defenses when we feel like wringing the daylights out of 'em.


Welcome to Typepad! Your site looks great and I've always had a thing for using bullets.

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