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I can totally relate to you. My littlest girl is just 2 weeks old and I'm already missing lots of things about being pregnant. Never would have thought that!


Hey girlfriend,
Hang in there! Two can be a bit much for a while! We too were ready to chuck the "binky" out with our first and thank God the second didn't want one but sucked her thumb! (And still does in her sleep!) Age 11!
And yea, blink your eyes and it's gone! Go without your sleep, be tough, that little one is totally dependent on you for now but before you know it- it's gone! I have a really hard time saying out loud, in words that my oldest will be 15!
Just when you think you have life by the balls- WHAM!- it slaps you in the face!
Hang tough, you too can do this!
Thank you for posting, I have been patiently been waiting!
Take a week-end off, bring the baby to Mom's!
Hopefully things will get easier real soon!
I won't comment on the kindergarten bus!


Hang in there. They tell me it gets better!!!


Oh honey! I am so sorry! I am sure it will get better- now you got me all scared :)


JuJu, don't know how I missed this post. Or rather how I missed this screaming plea for help. I'm Here! What can I do???

Mellie Helen

Heh. I have also heard that this phase passes. My kids are now 5 and 3, and I'm still waiting for it to pass. But I know that when it does pass, it often passes into behavior that makes you pine for *these* days, so I'm enjoying my kids in their littleness! Can I tell you? Should I tell you? My hair still comes out in clumps. Just how long is that "post-partum" period, anyway?!

The Greatest Aunt

My hair stopped falling out about 5 years ago. My youngest is 18. Sorry.

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