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The Greatest Aunt

Thank you for saying that. I feel better now knowing I'm not alone.


Yessssss... I'm not alone!!

I have some friends who are OBSESSED... I just don't get it. I'm not big on Sci-Fi/Fiction... meh.


I'm in excellent company, then?


Alright- I must be a total dork then. I have read all of them :)


Me too, Multiple times :(


I love the Harry Potter books, but I get a similar reaction from people when I say I've never seen (nor do I ever intend to see) the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


Hey JujuMama:
How did you get all you archives over from Blogger to Typepad may I ask?

The Greatest Aunt

Ditto on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And I am Star Wars illiterate.


Okay, you say that NOW. But just wait, you will be assimilated...

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