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My "100 Things" (if I make it that far):

1. How in the world are you supposed to start a list like this?
2. I am 28 years old.
3. I have two children.
4. My son is 6.
5. My daughter is almost 9 months old.
6. My son was born on Christmas morning.
7. My daughter was born four days before my 27th birthday.
8. She was 3 weeks early.
9. I met my husband at a Pittsburgh Pirate's game.
10. We married in July of 2003.
11. He is my best friend.
12. We have a cat.
13. I don't even like cats, I am a dog person.
14. We are renting right now, dog.
15. This is the single most boring "100 things" list that I have ever read.
16. I once got a teacher fired in 10th grade.
17. I wasn't fooling around with him, and I didn't mean to have him fired.
18. I played the drums in the middle school band.
19. Then I dated a drummer in high school.
20. He became an architect.
21. I lived in 6 different houses before 12th grade.
22. I lived in 16 different houses total, so far. ( I think...I might have missed one or two in there)
23. I have two brothers.
24. My older brother is 29.
25. My younger (half) brother is 5.
26. Both of my parents have remarried.
27. My younger brother lost part of his leg when he was 4 years old in a tragic riding mower accident.
28. You would never notice just by looking at him.
29. He wears a prosthetic leg.
30. I can say the alphabet backwards, extremely fast.
31. Most of my family can.
32. I'm going to tackle this list again, under the influence of a lot of cheap red wine.
33. Seriously, I sent my husband out for wine and he came home with a bottle that simply read: Cheap Red Wine.
34. No joke, man.
35. Listing might prove difficult while under the influence as I have already had to correct a spelling mistake for one out of every two words.
36. Those odds AINT good.
37. Where I am from? They tend to say the word "aint" a lot.
38. It's ok. I'm not bashing it.
39. I don't say it, but I won't bash it.
40. Forty. My friend in high school, Jen, used to say Fowdy. Like, "let's buy a fowdy." Beer. You know.
41. You don't know.
42. You have no idea.
43. And this is why I should not blog while sipping (read:gulping) Cheap Red Wine.
45. It's now May 24th...
46. I am 3 months pregnant.
48. The baby is 12 months old and the boy is still 6
49. I just got back from DisneyWorld.
50. I had never been there before.
51. I imagine it would be more fun when you are not pregnant.